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Our Simple Process for Homeowners

Because you just want to get your damage fixed, we strive to make the settlement process as easy for you as possible. Advocate works directly with your insurance company to get the maximum amount of money for your property loss claim.

Here’s how we get you paid

  1. After a thorough review of your damages and your insurance policy, we provide our expert assessment of your covered loss.
  2. We then deal with the insurance company on your behalf, using our strong relationships built from years of working together to get you quickly and properly compensated for every detail of your loss.
  3. At the end of the process, you will have more money than if you had dealt with insurance on your own, since we don’t get paid until you do, our adjusters do their best to expedite your claim.

This is what we do. And because we LOVE what we do we are here to help you! When you want to WIN … you WANT US!

Don’t be a victim of a Bad Faith Claim. The insurance company is not your friend, be safe not sorry that you didn’t call us … We want to help you Call 856-324-5598

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Insurance companies have people working hard to deny your claim. WE FIGHT FOR YOU!

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We''ll make the insurance companies pay-up! Speak with a Licensed Public Adjuster today.